Friday, October 27, 2006

The truth about secession

Many of you believe that states have no right to secede,
But I will dispute that notion.

Most of you probably believe that the Revolutionary war was

However, that event was actually a war of seccession.

The thirteen colonies seceded from Britain and declared themselves
independent nations.

Similar to the south, they were not recognized by the mother country
but were called rebels and traitors.

Of course, we know they were not traitors but patriots who
excersised their right to self-determination.

But if the British won, today they would be called traitors or rebels.

Lies and stretched truths would have been created to cover up the
real reasons why the colonies (attempted) to secede.

Hopefully this sounds familiar.

Its not impossible for nations or conglomerations to separate either
mutually or unilaterally peacefully.

However, in many cases the fact that secession was happening means
that the larger entity was being aggressive or greedy.

Take the American colonies and the "Civil War".

The colonies were forced to trade only with Britain and pay exorbitant

The southern states were on the verge of having their economy
destroyed by Republican tarrifs and pro-northern industry policies.

Of course, Congress later arrogantly outlawed secession when they
had no constitutional power to do so, and in any case Congress
was made possible by secession.

Can the noose be slipped? Can a state secede or nullify after it was
made "illegal"?

Of course. After all, the 13 colonies did.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Duels of the Fates

Hello my loyal readers.

I have a new tournament that will be decided by you.

It features fictional characters who fight one another in a
tournament ladder to discover the ultimate warrior.

Whoever does the smarter actions (chosen by you) wins.

Just click the post title if you'd like to participate.

Its about five questions long.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Check this out

Hello everyone.

I have a neat little quiz here you can take to find out what fictional
character you are.

Its about 17 questions long and has about 9 possible results.

What fictional character are you?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Holiday game roundup

Hi, Kodooziez here.

You may have noticed we have a new poll up, so I thought
I'd summarize some upcoming games.

^=exclusive launch title

It remains to be seen whether the Wii-mote will be a gimick
or real revolution. Many hardcore gamers (myself included)
see several problems in the Wii, including lackluster graphics,
lack of online multiplayer, disguised expenses (a complete
Wii-mote costs $60), and the fact that many gamers don't
want to wave their hands around hours on end. The more
cynical gamers view the Wii as a glorified Gamecube.

Some of the better games to be released include:

*The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
A game Link fans are eagerly awaiting. The Gamecube version will
be delayed to encourage Nintendo gamers to buy the Wii. Boooooo.

^Wii Sports
Many hardcore gamers hate having this caz game included with the Wii
instead of Madden 07 or Legend of Zelda. Despite the crappy graphics, however,
Wii Sports is said to do a good job demonstrating the Wii-mote.

*Madden 07
A game winning praise for its Wii-mote controls that make punting, passing,
juking, and rushing intuitive (at least according to some).

^Metroid Prime 3:Corruption
Samus is back and let's hope the Wii-mote allows a great 1st person experience.

^Red Steel
The other big launch title besides Zelda features swords and guns. Could be cool.

^Trauma Center: Second Opinion
Followin the smashing success of the DS surgery game, this will launch for the
Wii. Medical instruments guided by the Wii-mote could offer a refreshing
alternative game.

*Marvel:Ultimate Alliance
This game will allow players to build a team from not only the X-men but many
other Marvel characters. Co-op will be awesome, but this game is not exclusive
for the Wii. It is unclear what the Wii-mote will offer in this game that will
compel gamers to give up the better graphics found on rival consoles.

Poor Sony has been catching hell from the Hardcore gaming
community, but it's their own doing. Price, game lineup, technical
difficulties, overheating, the hated Blu-ray pimping, and
arrogance work against the PS3. However, the more ignorant
caz-hardcore gamers will shell out the money. Probably best
to wait till later next year to buy the PS3 if it launches
successfully. There are not very many strong launch
titles before Christmas.

A bit of the Launch Roster (games launching this year):

*Fight Night Round 3
This game is predicted to be an awesome boxing game.

*Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
I personally would rather get this game on the PS3 or Xbox 360 because of
the better graphics and the fact that I can't see anything special about the
Wii-mote for this game.

*Call of Duty 3
This will deliver yet another great World War 2 experiance.

*Blazing Angels: Squadrons of World War II
This World War II flight combat game should deliver the neccessary thrills.

^Full Auto 2: Battlelines
This racing/shooter game will be lots of fun, if it's your cup of tea.

*Madden 07
Madden 07 is being criticized on the Xbox 360 for several flaws, such as stats
tracking and the invincible Goal Line offense, But is still the best footbal game
out there this year. Some wonder if Madden's exclusive NFl contract will result
in mediocre games.

*Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
The re-release of the epic MMO game launched for the Xbox 360 and PC. Perhaps
the game has been improved with the extra time. And please no $4 horse armor.

^Resistance: Fall of Man
Supposedly the Halo of the PS3, but we'll see.

The relaunch of the game based on (you guessed) fear and horror.

*Mobile suit Gundam: Croosfire
Gundam= cool, and let's hope this game delivers. Any fan of Armored Core or
Anime mecha should check this out.

*Sonic the Hedgehog
Fear this game! Do not let the graphics lure you. Reports have come of terrible
controls and gameplay. Do not confuse this with the great original!

XBOX 360
the xbox 360 is at an advantage this holiday season because of it's
established roots and excellent games (well, mostly). I will only
list the best games launch(ed/ing) this year.

*Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Sure to be an excellent game title this November. If you're into Marvel or
Co-op, buy this game.

*Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
If you are willing to spend hours a day developing your character and doing
tedious chores between battles, buy this game. You may rather take a look at
World of Warcraft for the PC however, because of it's great Player vs. Player
battles and realtime action (still have tedious chores though). And, ah yes,
Oblivion's $4 horse armor, the butt of every joke.

*Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2
This game released earlier this year and did a decent job bringing
strategy to the consoles.

The $10 Xbox LIVE release of the old, old original has managed to piss many
gamers off. Still, many bought it and loved the choppy 13 year old graphics,
and the game did come with LIVE multiplayer. Consider getting DOOM 3
which includes DOOM 1 and 2. Still a blast for retro or shooter gamers though.

^Dead Rising
Awesome zombie game, must buy. Lawnmower vs zombies in mall? Sweeeet.

^Halo 3
This sequel to the all popular Halo 2 is sure to have awesome online multiplayer.

^Gears of War
This shooter is said to rival Halo, but I've never seen for myself whether that's true.

*Lego Star Wars 2: the original trilogy
Not difficult, but a blast that will make you lol according to veterans.
Take my advice and buy the xbox or PS2 version.

^Test Drive Unlimited
Although not as realistic handling as Projsct Gotham Racing, this game allows
you to drive all over the island of Oahu with other players online.

^Project Gotham Racing
It has nothing to do with Batman, but it's probably the best looking and best
handling racer on this system.

*Saints Row
A great multiplayer ripoff of Grand Theft Auto, but that's not a bad thing.

The PC tends to have the best games, but only if you shell out
$1000s for the latest graphics cards and other periphials. Without
them, the games don't look so stunning, so I'll just recommend
games that don't require $1000s to be great.

*World of Warcraft
Hands down the best MMORPG out there, featuring great player vs. player,
guild options, character designs, and realtime combat. Do NOT get the
Burning Crusade version which butchers the game rules.

*Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
Must this game have the words "Elder" and "Scrolls"? Not really, most people
(such as myself) just call it Oblivion ( I'm doing it for all you noobs). A decent
alternative to WoW. Don't get both if you have a life.

Ah, the Nintendo DS. Far more popular than first predicted,
and certainly more successful than the PSP. Here are some good
stocking stuffers:

^Advance Wars 3
Features new units and some neat side modes, but very similar to Advance Wars 2.

^Starfox Command
An excellent game that effectively uses the dual screens and DS pen in an arena
flying combat game.

^New Super Mario bros.
Who doesn't like the Italian plumber?

^Star Trek: Tactical Assault
Even if you are apathetic toward Star Trek like I am you should check this one out.
It will feature multiplayer strategy, pen control for accuracy, four alien races,
space ships, and realtime combat. This title will release in October.

*There are at least 20 other games coming out before Christmas, but most aren't
as interesting as these ones.

The PSP has better graphics than the DS but is a little more

To be continued...





Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Need You!

Hello everyone!

I need a symbol for my podcast and/or for Localitarianism in
general. If you can think of (or sketch) anything please email it
to It doesn't have to be original...

And don't insult me with swastikas either, lefties.