Monday, July 31, 2006


Hello, Gu the Alien here.

Kolek said I would write about conspiracy theories and the media,
but today I'm going to write about a little known T.V. gem
called Firefly.

The first fact good Browncoats (fans) will tell about Firefly is
that it was cancelled by Fox before the first season even finished.
Since we here at the Kolektive are good Browncoats, I thought
I'd point that out.

Why Browncoats? At the begining of the series a future civil war is
briefly shown between the larger, centralized Alliance and the
outlying independent worlds. The battle of Serenity Valley
is the final devastating blow to the Browncoats, or outer
planets. Other battles would continue on other worlds, but
the Battle of Serenity is the Gettysburg of that war.

Speaking of Gettysburg, the Firefly civil war is similar to our
War of Northern Aggression (incorrectly called the Civil War),
in that the North begrudged the South their right to
self-determination. The North believed they were morally,
economically, and politically superior to the South and also had a
financial interest in conquering and destroying the South.
(The Confederacy's low-tarrif policies threatened to suck European
trade away from the protectionist North). The Alliance had similar

After the war, Mal Reynolds motives involved owning a spaceship
and staying free. He is the main character and a veteran of the war.
He managed to get a Firefly-class ship which he named Serenity, after
Serenity Valley. Other crew members and passengers include Zoe,
Wash, Jayne Cobb, River Tam, and others.

Serenity gets involved in many adventures, from the dusty,
Western-like outworlds to the blue Sci-Fi Alliance inner planets.
She mostly smuggles prohibited materials around under the nose
of the Alliance (think Millenium Falcon).

By the way, an excellent movie called Serenity was made, which
wraps up the first season. It also shows Reavers for the first time
(Reavers are like Orcs, except they're in space). Like the show,
it has an excellent plot and is filled with humor.

I strongly urge you to check out either the series (on DVD) or the

Those of you who are Browncoats or at least viewers who disagree
with anything I said, leave a comment.


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