Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Pie of Peril

Here is this week's 100 word story:

Charles was paranoid. He saw peril in the most innocent
things. So when he recieved a pie from his mother, he
reacted in a cautious manner. He first x-rayed, then scanned
for radioactivity. His sensors showed nothing, so he opened
the package. He read her seemingly innocent letter, but he
knew better. She was out to get him. He did more tests, but
the pie was safe! It smelled good, and he was hungry. After
hesitating, he finally tried the pie. It was good. He hastily
and greedily consumed the pie, which caused him to choke
to death.

Anyway, I lost my final draft, so this is a slightly different
version. Check out the 100 word stories link to hear it
and other stories.


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