Sunday, August 20, 2006

Invasion part three

This is the third story for the Invasion series exclusive for
the Kolektive.

Laurence Simon only plays recorded stories during the week, and my
audio equipment will not work thanks to Purple's EMP misfire,
so I'll post this and some other Invasion stories here at The Kolektive.

Invasion: Close call

"Shoulda put that damn phone on vibrate" Murray
thought when his phone loudly shrieked. The aliens began firing
their weapons and he ducked. He then detonated the pack bomb.
It didn't hurt them, but it did stun them momentarily.

He took the opportunity to flee and take the call.
"I'm in some deep kim-chee here, what is it?"

"We found a... thing at LH-5." His caller said.
Murray shut the phone and continued running.
He wondered what the "thing" was.

Now, however, he had other things to worry about. He saw
a Bio-tank lumber down the street towards him.

New terms and explanations:

Code for an area of Colon City. Phone calls are kept short to minimize
detection. Not only is the programing encoded, but locations,
people and events are also spoken with various low tech coding
methods, including book, memorized and scrambled word codes.


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