Friday, August 25, 2006

Invasion parts 1-6

I'm going to post all of the invasion stories made now.

Murray surveyed the carnage and smiled. 50 aliens dead,
including 2 biotanks. The ambush worked spectacularly,
but it was the intelligence he recovered that was the real victory.

He had long wondered why the aliens did'nt just level this section
of the city, once called "the Colon" for its miles of human refuse and filth,
but he now knew why.They were after a delicate artifact
hidden here, one he guessed might have the potential to win the war.

He turned and began heading back to base through labrynthine
routes he had memorized, not noticing the shadowy figure
trailing him.


-Invasion: Spook Trap

"Roosters and hernia", Murray was thinking when he heard
following footsteps. He discarded his random thoughts
and listened while walking as before. The footsteps were
not human; they had that odd scraping sound.

Murray quickly turned round and shot the spook. The alien
fell dead instantly. He checked the alien and found it's GPS tracker.
He went some distance before hitting it's emergency button and
threw it down a stormdrain along with a pack bomb.

He hid himself and waited for the alien response team to arrive.

They came, and as they prepared to go in, his radio phone rang.


Invasion: Close call

"Shoulda put that damn phone on vibrate" Murray
thought when his phone loudly shrieked. The aliens began firing
their weapons and he ducked. He then detonated the pack bomb.
It didn't hurt them, but it did stun them momentarily.

He took the opportunity to flee and take the call.
"I'm in some deep kim-chee here, what is it?"

"We found a... thing at LH-5." His caller said.
Murray shut the phone and continued running.
He wondered what the "thing" was.

Now, however, he had other things to worry about. He saw
a Bio-tank lumber down the street towards him.


Invasion: Brothers in Arms

Murray resigned himself to a quick and violent death
when he spotted the Biotank heading his way. There was
no cover here against the tank's railguns.

So he was surprised when he saw blue stripes on it's
sides; it was human occupied! The tank's rear
hatch opened and his brother, Jim Murray, climbed out.

"They sent me over," Jim said, "without telling me anything".

"Need to know." Murray commented, as Jim handed him a packet.

"Why do they always trust you?" Jim complained, rolling his eyes.

"You're not authorized to know," Murray said with a grin,
and they laughed.


Invasion: Discovery

Murray quickly got down to business. He entered the
Biotank with his brother and tore open the envelope.
"Looks like they found an ancient tomb" Murray told
his brother, breaking regulations, "They want me over".

"Is the resistance so hungry they'll go corpse hunting?"
Jim joked.

"Heh, probably something..." Murray stopped in
mid-sentence when he remembered the intel he recovered.

"What?" Jim asked.

"I think this might have something to do with information
I stole from the aliens..."

He reread the packet and sure enough, the picture matched
the description he recovered of the Artifact's resting place.
They found it !


Invasion: Moonlight

It was midnight when Jim's Biotank made it to the site.
Murray jumped out and went to Lisa Brown, and told her his information.

After discussing the information, Lisa said
"We blasted it with explosives, but they didn't make a dent."

Murray couldn't see much of the tomb. "Let the moonlight in so I can see."

They removed some of the tarp and a shaft of moonlight entered.

"Much better" Murray said, and nearly jumped when the
tomb started opening.

Murray quickly recovered and calmly said "Ah, see, I knew it."

"Liar!" Lisa said, and they smiled.


New terms and explanations:

Weapon which magnetically propels high velocity alloy rods.
Rods can penetrate many types of armor. Most railguns are
used in a defensive or vehicular arrangement, because of their weight.
There are some versions that can be carried by a single soldier,
including rear-load and throw away models.


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