Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Invasion series

I have been neglecting my duty of posting my 100 word stories,
but here's my last one. It's the first of a series called "Invasion"

Invasion: Colon City

Murray surveyed the carnage and smiled. 50 aliens dead,
including 2 biotanks. The ambush worked spectacularly,
but it was the intelligence he recovered that was the real victory.

He had long wondered why the aliens did'nt just level this section
of the city, once called "the Colon" for its miles of human refuse and filth,
but he now knew why.They were after a delicate artifact
hidden here, one he guessed might have the potential to win the war.

He turned and began heading back to base through labrynthine
routes he had memorized, not noticing the shadowy figure
trailing him.

New terms:

Alien self-repairing weapon platforms that can replicate.
Staple of invasion; several captured by human resistance.
Equiped with mortar and 2 repeater railguns.


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