Saturday, August 19, 2006

Invasion: Spook Trap

Here is my newest 100 word story.

"Roosters and hernia", Murray was thinking when he heard
following footsteps. He discarded his random thoughts
and listened while walking as before. The footsteps were
not human; they made that odd scraping sound.

Murray quickly turned round and shot the spook. The alien
fell dead instantly. He searched the alien and found it's GPS tracker.
He went some distance before hitting it's emergency button and
threw it down a stormdrain along with a pack bomb.

He hid himself and waited for the alien response team to arrive.

They came, and as they prepared to go in, his radio phone rang.

New terms and explanations:

*GPS tracker
Most human satellites were destroyed when the aliens invaded,
but the aliens kept the global positioning satellites in operation
because of the cost and impracticality of using their space vessels
for the task.

*Pack bomb
Non fragmentary bomb the size of a cigarette pack. Variations include
poison gas, EMP, incendiary and radiation models.

*Radio phone
Most comunication facilities were destroyed, including cell phone
relays, so radio phones are used as a substitute. However, they are
easily tracked when used, and calls must be kept under 1 minute.
Most military models, including Murray's, are randomly encoded
and have an undetectable passive mode for recieving calls.


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