Friday, August 11, 2006

The new Turok

Hello everyone!

I'm Koodooziez, and I last posted about Star Wars Battlefront 2.
Well, now I'm gonna discuss the new next-gen Turok coming out.

The first Turok was the first game to effectively use fog, allowing
dinosaurs to jump out of the grayness at you. Well, super thick
fog is rarely used nowadays (especially in multiplayer), but the
new Turok will use shadows and jungle shapes that can confuse
players and disguise dinos.

The multiplayer is the especially cool part, including the standard flag,
deathmatch, assault and objective based games. There will also be
vehicles such as multi-legged spider tanks, atvs and jeep style
transports. And, of course, dinosaurs including T-rex, veloceraptors,
"maulers" which are half T-rex size, various brachiosaurs and plant
eaters that attract carnivores, and possibly giant bugs and carnivorous

All of these creatures will be intelligent like real life animals. T-rexs
will eat anything it sees; shooting its rear will make it attack your
enemies behind it. Raptors will use swarm tactics. The dinosaurs will
spawn randomly out of nowhere, or will be in place guarding nests.
Pterosaurs will swoop out of the upper canopy of the jungle, grabbing
soldiers and other creatures.

AI soldiers will be even more intelligent, using real tactics to envelope
enemies and provide cover for allies.

The heads-up display will be much reduced compared to other games.
Instead of health bars, red will fill your peripheral vision when you're
hit. Personally I don't care either way, but it may give it a more
realistic feel.

In this game rockets and bullets will be used, not lasers or plasma.
Railguns, a must in a first person shooter, will be present however.
I hope they make it like the railgun in Red Faction, which is
rear-opened like a shotgun and a rod gets rammed in.

Other weapons include sticky flares that will lure veloceraptors
(imagine sticking one on your friend on the other side... heh heh)
napalm grenades, flamethrowers, machine guns and bows that pin
enemies to trees. And dont forget the trusty army knife.

The game will be available on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Check out IGN and the Game Informer Magazine preview (August 06)
for more info.


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