Thursday, August 31, 2006



One of my favorite gaming podcasts,,
no longer has Chris OR any of the regulars.

These guys were hilarious. Now they have the Dreamstation
editors. They're ok, but not as good as the old crew.

Why? Chris has gone on to "Greener pastures", becoming a
Microsoft drone. It wouldn't be so bad if the others were still
there. No more "Fact or Crap" segments now.

How are we of the Localitarian cause supposed to continue the
struggle without a decent video game podcast?

Well, It's not that bad. My other favorite game podcast, All Games
, is still around, at least an hour every day,
which I guess is plenty.

Let's see: Scott Rubin, 3L1T3 M4CH1N3, Ron, Mayor Young,
Gamer Andy, and the others whose names I can't remember,
all still around (for now). Although 3L1T3 is rather... unnessesary.
(Sorry 3L1T3, but you're not that great. And please, no more Madden.)


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