Friday, October 27, 2006

The truth about secession

Many of you believe that states have no right to secede,
But I will dispute that notion.

Most of you probably believe that the Revolutionary war was

However, that event was actually a war of seccession.

The thirteen colonies seceded from Britain and declared themselves
independent nations.

Similar to the south, they were not recognized by the mother country
but were called rebels and traitors.

Of course, we know they were not traitors but patriots who
excersised their right to self-determination.

But if the British won, today they would be called traitors or rebels.

Lies and stretched truths would have been created to cover up the
real reasons why the colonies (attempted) to secede.

Hopefully this sounds familiar.

Its not impossible for nations or conglomerations to separate either
mutually or unilaterally peacefully.

However, in many cases the fact that secession was happening means
that the larger entity was being aggressive or greedy.

Take the American colonies and the "Civil War".

The colonies were forced to trade only with Britain and pay exorbitant

The southern states were on the verge of having their economy
destroyed by Republican tarrifs and pro-northern industry policies.

Of course, Congress later arrogantly outlawed secession when they
had no constitutional power to do so, and in any case Congress
was made possible by secession.

Can the noose be slipped? Can a state secede or nullify after it was
made "illegal"?

Of course. After all, the 13 colonies did.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Duels of the Fates

Hello my loyal readers.

I have a new tournament that will be decided by you.

It features fictional characters who fight one another in a
tournament ladder to discover the ultimate warrior.

Whoever does the smarter actions (chosen by you) wins.

Just click the post title if you'd like to participate.

Its about five questions long.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Check this out

Hello everyone.

I have a neat little quiz here you can take to find out what fictional
character you are.

Its about 17 questions long and has about 9 possible results.

What fictional character are you?